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See what others have to say about Skywatcher Astrology:

"Awen’s reading was incredibly insightful. It’s hard to express in a few sentences how much of an effect it had on me. It gave me a clear lens through which to view identity issues I’ve been struggling with for years. It’s been several months since the reading, and I’m still finding new ways to apply the things that we discussed."

-Diandra Ryan-Mas Bisbee, AZ

"Awen was so organized with my reading.  He took time prior to our session to prepare my chart and my information so he could maximize the hour.  His non biased interpretations are meaningful and accurate.  His passion for the stars is evident and his shamanic studies have paid off!  Awen removes his ego from his advanced cosmic knowledge to help you get a hold on the movement in the stars and planets in relation to your life.  He is dedicated and talented and I can’t wait to have another reading."

- Ellis Kantrowitz Broomall, PA

"I was very moved by my reading with Awen. He was thoughtful and thorough and really helped me gain clarity about what is going on in my life. He covered major life trends as well as current circumstances and I felt empowered and energized by the end of our session. I especially appreciated how Awen gave time and consideration to my questions and addressed them in very useful, insightful ways. I had my reading a few months ago and still feel the impact of it and the support it gave me. Even as I have had a handful of Astrology readings in my life, this one stands out as particularly important. Thank you, Awen!" - Lisa Lipkin Millwood, NY

"I got so much out of my birth chart reading with Awen. He is thoughtful and insightful in the information he shares. He was very thorough and clear in the way he explained all that my chart displayed as well as theories of shamanic astrology. We had a great conversation that was validating as well as eye-opening and I felt 100% comfortable with Awen. Would definitely recommend!" - Cara Kantrowitz Brooklyn, NY

"Having my birth chart read by Awen was illuminating and fascinating. I recommend having a basic understanding of the astrological signs, but Awen explained everything in an easy manner. His reading helped me to see a larger picture of the recurring themes of my life and what I am here to learn and discover about myself in this lifetime. It was especially interesting to know about the shared goals my partner and I have currently, and how we can help each other with what we have mastered in past lifetimes. The recording of the session was sent to me afterwards and I was able to think more about all the information, which I really liked. I am grateful to Awen for such an enjoyable reading and would recommend him to anyone interested in exploring the astrological clues written in their own birth charts. - Hillary D. - Vermont"

"Fascinating, comforting and surprisingly brought an Asian woman home to her motherland’s spirit! I grew up in Vietnam and as a tradition every Lunar New year my mom always had each family member's charts read by “ ông thầy”- like an astrologer/shaman - in order to prepare for the ritual ceremony around first full moon of the year and to pray for safety, health and luck. I was familiar with this type of reading, but never ever had a direct conversation with an astrologer as it’s not easy to make an appointment and of course my mother took the responsibility for the whole family. I was so happy to learn that here in America I could find somebody like Awen to give me an overview of my birth chart. Not only was I able to get insights into my purpose of life but the reading also helped open my eyes to the meaning of what we have been doing for decades in Vietnam with our ritual ceremonies. Thanks to Awen I feel blessed to be born and raised in family with such traditions, and more than ever I appreciate the life that I was given and the path that I chose. Again, it was more than I expected!"

- Ai Hanh Phan Bisbee, AZ

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