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As Above ~ So Below

What's in a reading?

So much more than your Sun Sign horoscope, the birth chart provides a set of instructions or a road map to be used along each individual's life path. A first time reading with Awen is helpful to understand and validate one's own unique expression of being as well as to put any life challenges or trials in the perspective as necessary life cycles and initiations. 

Authentic expression of self

Life purpose

Relationship patterns

Timing of life cycles

Ritual engagement with the heavens 

Implications for health and healing

Cosmic Timings

Find out where you stand along the timeline of your life as indicated by the cyclical movement of the heavenly bodies as they continually make their way across the sky from where they began at your birth. By gaining an understanding of the archetypal energies of any sky factors currently making dynamic geometries with points in your birth chart, important insights can be gained into how to make the most of a period of time that might otherwise seem unfair or confounding. 

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