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Preparing for a session

Unlike traditional astrology, Shamanic Astrology looks at the birth chart as a set of instructions, or a roadmap of our soul’s intended journey in this life. As with any journey, along the way, many challenges will present themselves, but these “difficulties” are seen as initiations - trials we must endure in order to fully grasp what our life is all about. Some will have it easier than others, but these are gates that we must all pass through. My role as an Astrologer is to use the information found in the Birth Chart to share insights about what potential challenges may arise and when, and what unique characteristics and tools each individual has at their disposal and how to best deal with them. Usually this information serves to validate what the receiver already knows about themselves on a deeper level, however such validation is often exactly what is necessary to relieve conflicting thoughts and allow for the emergence of one’s true self.

In order to generate an accurate birth chart, the exact time and place of birth are required. This will allow us to see what the sky looked like when you took your first breath. The following section lists some of the most important features of the chart we will look at during your first session.

Basic features of the chart

Lineage: Moon and South Node

Assuming that we do not come into our life as a blank slate, that there is both nature and nurture, we can use aspects of the chart representing our lineage to gain insights into our inborn characteristics. These represent both our talents, and innate skills, but can also show up as habits, comfort zones, and addictions that may be obstacles to personal growth.


Personal Planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, & Mars

These components of the chart that entail the archetypal ideals (familiar as the Gods and Goddesses of world mythologies) that an individual has come into this life to investigate. In this area of the chart we find the patterns for our masculine and feminine ideals, our emerging mind, and the type of fuel that we burn. Understanding these elements can be useful to validate and develop our most authentic expression of self.


Life Purpose: Ascendant and North Node

This progressive part of the chart contains elements that point to what one's current intent is for this life. From the perspective of reincarnating bodies, this is the pathway our soul has chosen to use in achieving its purpose for the present incarnation. Aligning with this trajectory generally feels right and leads to a sense of peace in our actions. 


Life Cycles: Outer planets and inner planet synodic cycles

Just as the moon never fails in its steady cycle from New Moon to Full Moon every 29 1/2 days, all the heavenly bodies move in predictable and cyclic manners. By looking at which stage of each cycle you were born under, and where you stand in relation to these ongoing cycles at the present time, valuable information can be gained pertaining to personal challenges and current life cycles of initiation and maturation.

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“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

- Hermes Trismegistis

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